Our services ... may it be something more?

As your broker, we are proactively acting partners. Our service portfolio includes all the tasks that you would expect from a classic broker. We begin with the consultation and evaluation. We will discuss possible options and identify solutions and concepts. When it comes to project-management we are at your side together with our partners. In the decision phase, we are negotiating partner and will accompany you until the signing of the documents.


It speaks a lot for the purchase of a property. Be as an investment, as retirement or to fulfill it to the intrinsically residential space. The current low interest rate makes it possible to acquire these offers at very reasonable conditions. You can now purchase a house that won’t only bring you rental income for years, but can turn into your own family house for generations.


Renting a house is often the only option for young individuals and families who have not reached the demanded level of professional success so far. The object should offer an optimal price-to-performance ratio and simply fit the family. We are happy to provide you information about real estate market and ensure your benefits from our contacts and our market knowledge.


For the sale of a property there can be many different motivations. Our job as your real estate agents is to find the optimal buyer for your object within a defined time window. In this section we assist you with our expertise and experience. We try to achieve more beginning with the very first contact. Sometimes it makes sense already in the process to think conceptually as well, probably to increase the net costs of your objects by renovation, perhaps it will be also useful to increase the rented space and thus achieve an optimum result. Our aim is to inspire you from the first contact to sale.

Renting out

When it comes to renting the object out, we do our best to find the right customers for you. A reputable and reliable tenant fits your object. We take care of your object from the organization of first visits to the signing of the lease agreements.